Our Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

We believe that it is “time in the market” versus “timing” the market that determines investment success. This means that after carefully understanding your goals, resources, life stage and near term expected life transitions, we will determine a global allocation to meet your needs. Generally speaking, this will include cash reserves, income producing securities and growth oriented investments.

Our investment philosophy is shaped by the investment research put forth by Dimensional Fund Advisors. Number 10 on their list is to focus on what you can control. If you work with us, you’ll hear this a lot. We pay careful attention to taxes-especially how to minimize them, fees, overall risk levels and spending and saving.

Our bottom line is this, historically equity markets have offered the highest returns BUT only if you can stay invested. The pain of losses impacts each investor differently. Ultimately, your goldilocks allocation or risk-level is one that you can stay with in negative markets and still sleep at night AND one that you don’t experience too much FOMO or fear of missing out when markets are rising.